#2 We’re a Men Only Dojo

Posted on 2013/10/28



CARPE DIEM membership is limited to men. So I’m sorry to say, Women cannot become members. I occasionally get critical comments about this system but that being said I don’t intend to change it.

If the truth be told, the reason is that I want to avoid the problems that happen between men and women. When you put good looking guys and girls in a dojo together dramas are bound to pop up. Getting together and getting married is all great but there are also a lot of love-hate dramas that occur along the way, which you get bogged down in. That’s what really causes problems. So I decided to limit membership to only men.

I like the atmosphere of “Club Activities” created because we are a men only dojo. Basically all men are fools. In my university days I spent all my time morning to night thinking “Who is the strongest?” while training at my Karate Club. That is still the way I think even now. When there are women around guys always try to put on a show. I don’t want this kind of showing off in the dojo. I just want to be myself as I am and I also want our students to feel that way too.

So let’s roll everyday at the Men’s BJJ Dojo and be the guys that always get the cute girls outside the dojo!

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